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Reverse engineering what your fans want more of

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In this crypto, AI and metaverse era, fans are turning into active promoters for your brand more than ever.

With everything getting decentralized, user generated content on social media and the speed at which all of this happens, your fans have the power.

I was reading this crypto newsletter and they were talking about how they couldn’t currently capitalize on an opportunity. The example they made was for huge digital brand, one that’s still not into the new crypto craze. And they were saying their current structure doesn’t allow them as fans, to do two things:

  • Show how big of a fan they were
  • Bet on its future

Think of it and you’ll see that a lot of what’s around nowadays online is about these two.

People want to signal their status or loyalty and they want some kind of stake in the businesses they believe in.

All possible thanks to the new technologies coming up.

On some level it’s irritating.

Can’t you just enjoy a product anymore? Why the hell do you feel the need to shout it out??

But on another level it’s an incredibly useful insight and mental model to use.

When promoting your brand instead of thinking “How can I make my product the best of the best?”, (which with the myriad of competitors out there is getting incredibly hard), it’s much more profitable and enjoyable for your fans if you think “How can I help my customers spread the word (read: signal) and get a piece of the pie?”

I think the solutions you’ll build will also become better at keeping pace with the current trends.

A lot of it is about crafting a powerful value proposition and positioning for your brand. Figuring out where and how you fill in the gaps.

If you need help with that, get in touch.



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