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Writing in from Dublin.

Day 2 of the trip just started and I’m looking at my notes from yesterday.

For those of you not in the know, SaaStock is the biggest software as a service conference in Europe.

Lots of great people, experts and businesses coming together to nerd about this stuff.

Love it.

Anyway, yesterday after her talk, I had the pleasure of meeting up with April Dunford, positioning consultant and author of the book “Obviously awesome”.

To put things in perspective, as of now if you want to hire her, she’s booked until April 2023 and charges $45k for a 3-day workshop.

Talk about practicing what you preach…

I asked her a quick question about how to position my services – I know, meta – after someone else I know, suggested that I’m selling myself short by saying I do “copywriting and UX”.

So I asked her:

Should I say I also work on positioning? Because I do.

Her answer, “When I started out, nobody knew what positioning was. Now I think the majority of businesses are aware of it. You should test it. But if you are able to make it work, I suspect you could get paid way more”.

So I connected this with the main point from her talk, or that “Our customers want to hear our opinions about the market & competitors”.

They want to know from us that we are aware of market trends, that we have insight into the industry.

And that we have a fresh, new perspective on things.

It can be a very powerful differentiator and positioning contributor.

She made the example of how businesses perceive customer service and how a software company could use their insight to build on their positioning.

Normally customer service is seen as a cost factor, when in reality, if done right, it could be a growth driver.

State it and connect your product or business to that new way of framing things.

Boom, instant credibility.

You’re making it clear that you share the same view people have about their market and that you have a path toward improving it.

So, should I talk about positioning in my sales pitch with prospects?

Probably yes, it’s just a matter of finding the right way and frame.

Same for you, what’s your opinion on the market you’re in?

What’s the unique angle you take to look at things?

Go ahead and share it, make it part of who you are, what you do and how you do it.

If you can’t wait till April or don’t have a $45k budget, get in touch and we’ll make your positioning bulletproof.

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