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Should you just launch it?

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Today’s the first official day for Conversion Alchemy Journal.

Sending this to people finally.

But it’s not the first time I’m writing one of these.

This is specifically issue number 37.

What happened to all the previous ones? Let’s call them “the lost issues” for effect.

Nothing, I just wrote them to and for myself.

You can actually check them out on my blog (and I’ll be posting the next ones at the end of each month too), but it’s been a great experiment.

And one any business should try I think.

I’ve heard once about how mega star magician David Blaine launches his magic acts/shows.

He does something similar.

Blaine announces the act way before being ready for it.

And if you haven’t seen any, these are huge public displays of apparently superhuman endurance, strength, and just plain craziness.

Thing is, he doesn’t just announce it and then perform it right away. No.

Announcing it is just what ignites the fire, what keeps him accountable, publicly, for getting it done.

He then spends months of preparation, in private, with nobody watching to train and perfect his performance.

It’s when nobody is watching that you truly understand what you’re made of.

So when people say, “Have a product idea? Just put it out, fail fast, break things”….

…I say, commit, but also validate with yourself first.

For David Blaine breaking things could mean dying.

For you it might just mean wasting time and money. But you can maximize your chances of success when you take smaller, more calculated steps before the big reveal.

It’s the same thing comedians do. They test their lines in the smallest clubs just to learn what jokes get the best reactions.

Go big with your vision, but start small with the action.

I’ve been helping clients with their onboarding strategy using the same principle. So they don’t spend ages stressing about it, but still can get started collecting data and optimizing.

Want to learn more? Let’s talk.

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