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I just started going to the gym again.

Brutal awakening.

Even though I have been working out almost every day, outdoors, even with snow, the gym is a completely different beast compared to bodyweight and cardio.

And so you have to start from scratch.

Which means using ridiculously small weights.

Paying very close attention to detail, form and posture to avoid injuries when your muscles are not used to it.

Being patient when you have to wait 90 seconds between sets.

Respecting the amount of reps your personal trainer gave you.

And so on…it’s a lot of work.

But I feel copywriters have a leg up on these kinds of things.

We step into completely new businesses with every new client.

We get to know the inner workings, their strategies, their team, their customers…

…and then we just clean the slate and start from scratch when the next client signs.

It’s a big lesson in humility I think.

It shows you that you don’t know anything the first time you approach someone else’s territory.

And it teaches you to open up and listen.

But it’s also what makes copywriters invaluable. If you can open up and reset it correctly.

Because that outside perspective (together with your talent and specialized knowledge) is what clients pay you for.

It’s an undervalued skill, more active and deliberate than we tend to think.

Speaking of starting things…

From next week I’ll be recording a website teardown every Thursday afternoon.

I’ll look at a website’s copy and UX and provide my recommendations for improving conversions.


Do you have a website or landing page you’d like me to look at?

Just send the deets here.

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