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Stop staring at them!

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The other day I was buying new glasses.

I know random, but follow me here for a moment.

Follow me like the dude who was trying to recommend the ultimate glasses to me in the shop.

Now, I appreciate the advice. Must have been an expert.

But if there’s one thing I can’t really stand, is when shop owners decide to become your shadow.

Never losing track of you. Always one step ahead. Onto your every single move.

So anyway, this guy kept recommending and staring at me while trying different glasses out. It was stressing as hell.

In the end I think I’ve found the right ones, but man, the pressure.

This is what you should avoid doing on your website.

You know all those pop ups? Or the spinning wheels, the contests etc?

All effective…when used at the right time and place.

One client before we started working together was using 3 pop ups at the same time, overwriting each other, in the first 5 seconds after landing!

Big no.

Look at your analytics and figure out how much time people spend on that page on average. Delay that stuff as much as possible. Or remove it.

Unless you have a really targeted promotion going on, something specific and short term, distracting users from their natural experience is always dangerous.

The thing is…

…people want to know they can get your help if needed and if they ask for it. But they don’t want to feel like you’re staring at them. They don’t want to feel observed.

Friction and pressure are your enemies.

Your job is to remove them (and yourself) from the equation.

To do that your website needs to work flawlessly to convert them though.


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