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The best sign a client “gets it”

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I just got off a call with a potential client.

It was great, I’m still buzzing with excitement.

I find it’s good to get excited by the small things.

They didn’t sign yet, but something tells me they will.

How do I know?

I’m a psychic.

Just kidding, even though a lot of what I do is akin to reading minds.

What gives it away is a green flag that I always look for whenever I speak to prospects (and you should too, if you’re serious about finding the right ones).

It’s the focus on process vs result.

When your main goal is to establish a process, you’re already halfway through the path to success.

Because a good process is the only thing you can truly control.

As Seth Godin says in his book The Practice:

“If you want to change your story, change your actions first.”

When I asked this potential client what the situation would have to look like in a year from now to consider our project together a success (good question to ask btw), they said that they see themselves having a solid, concise document outlining their new, clear positioning and recapping the fundamental points of their messaging.

It’s as process-driven as you can be.

Keep in mind they are very early stage and they are aware their website might not hit the mark right out of the gate. Still, they prioritize the process of nailing their positioning and messaging and having something to guide them through their future efforts.

No random increase in conversion thrown out just because…

No fluffy vision to aspire to…

Just the process of using a good foundation to eventually reach the desired outcome.

We should all approach our life and business this way.

The gold always lies in the foundations.

And we need to dig it out.

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