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The best way to handle objections in your copy

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You either sweat bullets at the thought or you deal with them.

And that’s one of those things that your website can do on auto-pilot, when you know how to do it.

It’s like having a sales rep that doesn’t sleep or eat.

24/7 focused on selling and closing for you.

But handling objections is also one of those things that a lot of business owners struggle with.

They are afraid that when they bring something up that could stir their audience’s good vibes, they will inevitably lose them.

But there’s a right way to handle objections and a wrong way.

Let’s take the latter out of the equation first.

Handling objections the wrong way, means that you’re too conservative. And you hold yourself back in your copy.

Or you limit your objection handling to your FAQ or support sections.

The right way?

I really like how hardcore closer and entrepreneur Ryan Stewman does it.

He aims at anticipating objections by deliberately planting them in his sales calls or copy.

So he brainstorm every single possible objection, writes them down on flashcards, and then writes the related counter on the back of each.

Then he studies them, just like a university student would. This way he knows exactly what to say, even before his potential customers bring up the objection.

The trick though, is that he brings those up himself!

He doesn’t wait till the damage is done.

He asks questions about those, pushes prospects to think about them (contrary to what a lot of people would do), knowing his counter is at the ready.

It’s a very different and offensive approach compared to the defensive one most business take.

And you can do it in your copy, too.

Your tasks for today:

  • Brainstorm your audience’s potential objections (if you don’t know, new task, ask them)
  • Write them down along with your counter (you can build a spreadsheet so you’ll have them every time you need them)
  • Next to each objection/counter, write down the page and section you’ll be using in your copy

Tomorrow we’ll look at some examples of ways you can do that.

Stay tuned.

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