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Have to go on a bit of a rant today.

But there’s a big lesson when you peel the layers.

So long story short, every one of my custom copywriting projects typically ends up with me delivering wireframes to the client.

Then a designer has to come in and turn them into pixel perfect mockups and ideally develop them on the client’s website.

The problem?

Lately some of my clients are telling me how some of the designers I refer to them do not show up on calls, do not reply to emails or take ages to do so.

To be fair, life happens and you can have issues.

But replying to an email takes 1 minute. And you kinda owe that to the other person if you gave your availability.

Good, reliable designers are the rarest breed of freelancers.

Or maybe it’s a common thing among all freelancers.

And what pisses me off is that when you do it right, when you’re reliable, transparent, clear and precise, doing business is so easy!

Everything falls into place. And even if you don’t end up working with someone, you showed up. You kept your word and might be the person they think about next time they need you if there’s a fit.

Apparently it’s a lost art.

I’m seeing it too, and with newbie freelancers to top it off.

I’m looking to hire a junior copywriter, and someone just decided to not show up for our initial meeting.

Big red flag.

If you do it with someone who might offer you a position, god knows what you might do with my clients.

Until you’ve proven your worth, you owe it to them to at least show up and do what you said you would.

That’s the first product or service you sell.

It’s your dependability.

True when it comes to your website and sales process too.

Until you’ve converted a prospect, you have to show up with your information hierarchy, and if they inquire, you have to show up with either the next automated steps or with an in-person meeting.

And you better do it well.

Any friction, or unexpected bumps and you’ll have ruined it all before even getting started.

By the way, do you know any good, reliable UI designers? If yes, just reply to this email chris@conversionalchemy.net.

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