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The home decor rule that explains why your conversions are so low

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There’s a lot to learn from real estate, especially the luxury market, when it comes to conversions.

I watch a lot of youtube videos of home tours, from real estate agents like Ryan Serhant, Eric Conover and others. I think you can learn a lot about design, sales and how the two intersect there.

These are homes where only your kitchen counter top goes for tens of thousands of dollars. Buyers expect quality and thought-through design.

And they pay top dollar for it.

The tours themselves are great example of taking somebody who’s never seen a house, through how it would feel like to live there. Reason why I like studying how these guys (who are also Youtube influencers with millions of subscribers) do it.

Most of the times though, the home does a lot of the work. It’s something about the particular vibe, the setting, the mood. And a lot of it is about colors and how they are used.

A popular rule in home decor is the 60 30 10 color rule:

– 60% should be a primary color

– 30% a secondary color

– 10% the accent color

Very simple and also very effective. Not only in home design, but in design in general, (even cinematography) and web design.

Look at any website and you’ll find that the best ones, the ones that convey a sense of professionalism and credibility, but also the ones that are the easiest to use, follow this rule. One main color, a secondary one and one that’s mostly used for your CTA buttons (accents).

This made me think, what if we apply this rule to copy?

If you read past issues, you know I’m a big fan of the MECLABS conversion formula. If you haven’t you can check this one out here where I go through it.

In the equation you have the 3 main factors influencing conversions, Motivation, Value and Anxiety.

What if we map these out with the 60 30 10 rule?

I think it fits pretty well. 60% Motivation, 30 Value, 10% Anxiety.

In other words, a lot of the work in conversion optimization is about matching and exceeding users expectations (Motivation + Value). The remaining 10% is about countering their objections and addressing their doubts or fears (Anxiety).

Business owners should keep this in mind next time they spend the majority of their time throwing testimonials out there and almost none crafting their value proposition.

Like a lot of things in human behavior and psychology, as humans we carry a ton of stuff over from one field to another. From the way we look at and get a feel for a house, to the way we assess a website.

Always interesting to look at your business from a different lens.

That’s part of what I help my clients with, so they get out of their shoes and into their customers’.

Get in touch if you want to learn more.



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