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The louder the claim the bigger the scam (IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT📣)

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I’ve been working with a client and they make a very big claim.

They tell their visitors that they can buy from their ecommerce store, and then get their money back – while keeping the product.

But there’s a twist…

Customers have to play a spinning wheel game.

If they are the winner among other 4 buyers, they can get their money back.

It’s a pretty cool concept, somewhat innovative.

Which can often be a problem for conversions.

See, when you’re first to market or are trying to do things unconventionally, there’s usually some educating you have to do with your audience.

Problem is, founders are usually too engulfed in their curse of knowledge.

And they overlook this important detail.

Fail to educate your audience when they need it, and they’ll fill in the gaps for you.

Sometimes it can go well, prospects may come up with justifications and self-centered motivations for their decisions. And buy right away.

Or (and this happens in the majority of cases) they can come up with all sorts of objections, added fears and reasons to either not buy, or to at least procrastinate on it.

We’ve been running usability testing on this site and what I learned was pretty eye opening.

The majority of testers had one major issue with the site…

It’s not the products, nor the trustworthiness of the brand and website, nor the information…

No… instead they have a big question lingering in their minds:

What’s in it for the company?

They read the copy stating that they can get 100% cashback on their order, and wonder how my client makes money, if they give away so many products for free.

“Do they have special deals with those brands (which are high-end, premium brands, too)? Do they have some kind of paid ads in place?”

Or worst…

“Are they a scam?”

“Will I ever see my product and my money again?”

And on and on…

You get the point.

Sometimes it’s more important to clarify what’s in it for YOU – the brand doing the selling – than it is to explain what’s in it for your customers.

It’s true especially if you’re making big, bold claims.

When your offer is clear, but you make a big deal out of it – always back it up with the reason why and with how you’re able to make those claims.

Your visitors will trust you for your transparency and they’ll be one step closer to converting.

Speaking of big claims… I’m giving away 3 hours of 1-on-1 consulting for FREE + 3 copies of the most influential book on decision making and human behavior I ever read.

My goal is to reach 1k subscribers to this newsletter by the end of the month, which is ballsy, so I need your help! (see, I just backed up my claim😉).

Tomorrow is the official launch of the Conversion Alchemy Journal Giveaway. As a member of this tight-knit community I wanted to give you a head start, so you can be one of the 3 winners.

I’ll share the link with you before anyone else. Hope you’ll help me spread the word!

Quote and reflection of the day:

“People cling strongly to their identity—their mental and physical being—when actually there are only evolving processes.”

– William Hart, The Art of Living

Think of yourself as a constant work in progress. Your mind and body are systems requiring inputs and returning outputs. Your goal is to improve the inputs so the outputs are aligned. The fastest path to self sabotage is considering the work as done.

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