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The lowest hanging fruit in any relationship

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What’s the easiest way to curate your relationships? Either personal or professional…

It’s not sending gifts, wishing happy birthday or adding them on Facebook.

It’s much simpler.

It’s following up.

Reaching out with sincere and sometimes selfless intentions, to show that you’re there for the other person. And that you care about your relationship.

Billionaire real estate broker Ryan Serhant would go even further with his 3 Fs:

  • Followup: reaching out after a request or discussion
  • Follow through: doing what you said you were gonna do
  • Follow back: checking in, out of curiosity or interest for the sake of the relationship

It came to mind as I’m reaching out to a few past clients, both because I’d like some feedback on our work together, and because I want to offer my help (even for free if it’s simple advice).

We often underestimate the value in each relationship. But they can compound and turn into a cascade of new connections, projects, interests and opportunities.

It’s the same when it comes to your email and with your customers.

One thing I always do when I plan and write email automations is to add 1, 2 or 3 followup emails. They can be time-based or event based. As long as we followup.

Especially with email where customers are bombarded and it’s super easy to miss one. It’s important to show up and remind them that you’re there.

It’s part of what makes context so vital in your communications.

Your customers won’t remember a specific email maybe, but they’ll remember the overall context of their experience with your brand. And following up increases the chances for providing positive context.

Speaking of making more, interesting connections, I’m currently planning a course or coaching program for ecommerce founders.

Still high level, but the goal is to scale the work I do, so I can help more business owners improve their websites and increase conversions.

If you’re interested or know anyone who might be, just send an email to chris@christophersilvestri.com.



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