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Yesterday I was browsing Youtube.

I actually love their suggestions for new videos and channels.

As I was scrolling I stumbled on a video of this man, just sitting on his armchair with a countryside backdrop that almost looked fake, but wasn’t.

There was something fascinating about that man.

Long greyed moustache, cowboy hat, button-up shirt, blue jeans and a cigar in his hand.

Ever heard of the Marlboro man? The “character” born out of the 1970s advertising for the cigarette company…

Well, this guy had the same vibe about him.

So confident, comfortable, and content.

Not to talk about his deep voice.

Anyway, the guy starts talking about cigars, their composition, and why they’re different from cigarettes.

His premise? Even if you don’t care about smoking cigars, just stick around and listen. He had no intention of selling me on his cigar-smoking habit.

He just wanted me to listen and get me in the mindset of opening up to a different perspective or outlook on an aspect of his life.

So I did stick around and listened.

It was great and I learned a ton on why he and other cigar lovers smoke: to spend some slow time away from the hectic day-to-day and to find time for deep conversations with friends.

What’s my point here?

You can still persuade lower awareness prospects.

Even if they have no idea about what your product does or why they’d need it.

You just need to infuse your copy with interesting facts and a story arc that grabs them. Right where they’re at in that moment.

Hell, I even subscribed the guy’s channel, and it’s mostly about horses and cowboy stuff.

Find yourself in a similar situation with an audience that’s not aware of you?

Use compelling stories, interesting facts and educate.

Then, persuade.

And when you need help with that, get in touch.

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