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You’ve probably heard copywriters say that you should “write the same way you speak” or sing the praises of conversational writing.

It’s true, that’s what works.

But why? And how do you get there from a mental point of view?

After all, you might not be your target audience, and having a conversation with them might not come so easily.

I think the secret interestingly lies in one thing that all great leaders know.

Preventing self-deception.

Self-deception is not knowing you have a problem. Being blind to it.

And when you’re trying to lead a team, it can be fatal.

It’s an insidious, invisible enemy.

And it can plague your copy, too.

More, from the book Leadership and Self-Deception: “people respond not to what we do but to how we’re being—whether we’re in or out of the box toward them.”

The box they talk about in the book is what keeps you from seeing reality as it is.

And when it comes to communicating with humans, the box for most of us is considering other people as objects, not as people.

In other words, we tend to think and behave as if we were the center of the universe.

At least, of our tiny known and experienced piece of the universe.

In order to get out of the box and start getting more positive reactions from others – and influence them – we have to shift our thinking.

And constantly remind ourselves that others are just like us. People with needs, goals, fears, bad and good days.

What does this have to do with writing copy?

That’s how you get into the right mindset for writing like you speak.

Constantly reminding yourself that who you’re writing to is not just “the target market” or your “Marketer Sally” persona.

They’re just like you, people.


Even better, write to them as if you were writing to one person only.

You’ll find that you can truly start influencing and getting results.

Speaking of getting results…

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