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I wrote in the past of how skeptical I am about using copywriting formulas.

Not because they don’t work.

But because they only work if you understand your audience first and use the right one at the right time.

Well, there’s one “formula” that works each and every time.

And it works because it follows how humans think.

And it’s super easy to remember, because that’s how you think, too.

It’s very much UX related, as it follows human behavior.

Enough teasing, enter the WWHW “formula”:

  • WHAT is the person landing on the site thinking – you need to match that
  • WHAT do you do to help them with that – you have to explain it
  • HOW you do that – you have to walk them through it
  • WHY should they listen to you – you have to make it a no brainer

Works for your homepage, but also any other page.


Because it always starts with what they are thinking and progresses from there.

It doesn’t start with an extrinsic motivator (your product or your business), but with an intrinsic one (their thought process or needs).

And intrinsic motivation always wins – and lasts longer.

It’s the formula that’s behind a lot of my copy. Thing is when you look at the copy you don’t even realize it’s using a formula. Because it naturally adapts to the positioning, product, audience and market you’re using/talking about.

It’s the secret of great copy.

As Ogilvy said (paraphrasing), a good advertisement shouldn’t look like one and copy shouldn’t direct attention to itself, but to the product.

Try it, and let me know how that goes.

If you need help figuring out how to use your data (or collect some) and fill in the blanks with this formula, get in touch.

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