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Ever heard of RFM?

The only radio station that can help you sell more.

Because it’s about the only 3 things that tell you who’s the best person that buys from you.



Monetary value

Want to optimize your pricing table and page?

Don’t listen to anything else than these 3 “frequencies”:

  • Who bought recently
  • Who bought most frequently
  • Who spent the most

Narrow down these people and interview them, survey them. Learn how they think and how they make decisions.

Become a student.

Very few of my clients have a good idea of who these are when I speak to them.

Hence end up shooting in the dark and throwing a myriad of pricing tiers on a page without first thinking whether they make sense or not.

It was a direct-response guy to point it out to me.

Brian Kurtz is a legendary marketer and “list” guy most of all. And as such, he knows the value of narrowing down to the best targets when it comes to selling.

There’s a lot we can learn from direct response and apply to conversion rate optimization I think.

Anyway, I thought it was a good reminder, and easy to think about.

Just remember what radio you should always tune in with.

Need help collecting data and figuring how if you’re wasting your energy on the wrong people? Get in touch.

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