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Yesterday someone asked me to review their new logo ideas.

It’s an ecommerce website selling men’s grooming products and it reminded me of the times I had a huge ass beard.

I remembered the one time every 3 or 4 weeks when I dedicated an hour to sitting at my barber’s place, hot towel on my face, getting shaved. It was nice.

Anyway, one thing pissed me off when I landed on the website for the first time:

As it’s common for most ecommerce websites, there’s no value proposition to be spoken of!

The first thing you see is “XYZ PRO, beard straightener”.

Makes you think it’s their only product.

And then, boom, a giant pop-up hit me with their 10% newsletter discount.

Damn, give me time to breathe!

My point and something I’m adamant to changing is, most ecommerce stores don’t have a shop window.

Imagine this, you’re walking on the street and feel like eating a burger.

As you keep walking, you stumble on a kitchen. There are buns, some vegetables, cheese and some beef patties laying around. But no actual burger in sight.

What does that place do? Sure you can get it with some time, but that’s the thing: you can’t afford to have visitors waste time.

That’s when your bounce rate skyrockets.

You need a shop window.

Even McDonald’s have shop windows. They show you the final product, what they do, what you get and what’s special about it.

When you don’t have a value proposition you’re literally having visitors walk right into your kitchen. They don’t need to see the details of how that’s done yet. That’s for later.

Show them what they get.

You can ask me to take a look at your logo all you want, but that’s not what’s gonna tell your audience what you do, who you do it for and how you’re different.

That’s the job of your value proposition. Your virtual shop window.

Crafting a compelling one that also tells your story and conveys your positioning is not a walk in the park though.

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