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The simplest business model on earth

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I just got back from my quick workation trip to Lisbon.

It was great. Lots of walking through super narrow streets, in parks, around castles and taking in big views.

It’s a nice way to recharge while still getting things done.

And speaking of getting things done, I did accomplish a lot this week.

Or I should say, I accomplished a big goal.

When I left, I set out to work on one main goal: finishing a couple of pages of copy for a rush project.

Pretty tight deadline, but also pretty well paid.

I didn’t add a thousand items to my to do list.

I had one main thing I intended to finish and a couple other minor tasks around marketing and promotion.

That’s it.

And while I was there, I got a very good reminder about keeping things simple.

See, the most popular pastry shop in Lisbon is called Manteigaria. They make these delicious custard tarts. Seriously you can eat 10 and still feel like you want more.

And these guys have 3 or 4 shops around town.

There are others trying to imitate them, but they’re the real deal.

Anyway, their business model was super interesting to me.

Imagine this:

You sell one product. A product people will always want and that they’ll probably purchase multiple units of, at any given time. All year long.

No variants. No surprises. Same process every single time.


That’s what they did, in fact Manteigaria shops only sell their “pasteis de nata” (plus coffee).

It’s a great example of selling one quality product and keeping it simple.

Seeing how successful they are was a big reminder for me to do the same.

Sell quality, keep it simple.

It’s also what I advise my clients all the time. When it comes to their pricing structure, their plan tiers, their product variations and so on.

A simple, clear and compelling offer trumps quantity and choice most of the times.

Need help figuring out how to simplify your offer so you can attract the best customers? Let’s talk.

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