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B2B copy can get pretty complex, pretty fast.

When you have anything between 3 to 5 or 6 different buyers, you have to cater to each one’s motivations, expectations, needs and goals.

How do you do it?

You might have guessed that you can’t do it with your homepage.

Leave that for your positioning and for helping people navigate your website.

No, you speak to different buyers through other complementary pages.

Very specific ones.

I’m talking about use case and persona pages.

For example, if your buyer is an HR manager, you create an HR persona page. And if their main use case is to facilitate onboarding of new hires, then you build an Onboarding use case page. And so on.

Pretty straight forward stuff.

But the more I dive into writing a ton of these pages (and I’m talking about ~30 for a single client, which is much more common in enterprise SaaS), the more I realize that it’s easy to get complacent.

Complacency is the enemy of every copywriter. Always lurking.

After a while you start using the same words, the same language, even when you’re writing for very different people.

This made me think about a useful metaphor for thinking about these pages.

Useful because you can recall it to get outside of your own head (and into the prospect’s) when needed.

Think of these pages as the many faces of a prism.

Each face is part of a whole, but reflects light in a totally different, unique way. It could be different colors, or different intensity etc.

Well, these pages make up your prism, your product. But help different people look at it in a different way. In a way that resonates with them specifically, and makes them want to learn more.

Show a surface of the prism to the wrong person and they might bounce. But the right people will stick.

So anytime you have trouble writing any of these very specific and niche pages, ask yourself “What is the unique perspective relating to my product that this page should emphasize?”.

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