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Hey there!

Missed me?

I’m back on the daily email wagon after two pretty cool weeks in California, hiking Yosemite up to 10,000 feet with a 40lb backpack. It was challenging.

And insightful.

We started up in Yosemite Valley and ended up at Clouds Rest, overlooking almost the entire park (if it wasn’t for the smoke of the fire taking over the south area).

When you make your way into the wilderness slowly walking and then coming back, it’s easy to see the contrast between where you start and where you end up.

The Valley is where a lot of your “companions” are the Fritos eating, out of shape folks looking for a fun day out.

The backcountry is where you’re by yourself. Or at best, crossing paths with backpackers who know their stuff.

I was a complete newbie, but I love building a plane while flying it.

I had to go from zero to someone who could put up a tent, filter his water, cook food with a camp stove, after hiking 10 miles a day for 6 days.

But as Joseph Campbells said, “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”.

Hiking in the backcountry is 10x more challenging and rewarding than just entering the valley, sitting at your table and eating your $30 pizza, while staring at the peak you’ll never actually reach.

It’s the same with your copy. To get the good stuff, you have to walk where few dare to.

You have to do the hard work in the wilderness of research that your competitors are too busy to do.

Only that way you’ll actually reach new heights.

Good reminder anytime you’re dreading doing something that’s not super exciting.

Your choice: stop at the valley, or go the extra mile and adventure in the backcountry.

Secret tip… want a shortcut to the backcountry? You can find it here.

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