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Value proposition: How to know what to say

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There’s one thing that all master persuaders know…

It’s not how to use words…

It’s not how to hypnotize people…

It’s not even how to use our own cognitive biases…

It’s directional power.

What I mean by that is the direction of your thought or argument is way more powerful than its specifics.

Bold claims lead. Weak ones trail.

Scott Adams says:

“People are more influenced by the direction of things than the current state of things.”

This is why as we mentioned yesterday, in your value proposition the first things to get right are directional in nature:

  • What to say (the points to hit)
  • Where to say it (their priority)

So, while working on my client project, I experimented using ChatGPT to help guide me in the right direction.

I came up with a super simple prompt.

What does it mean for PERSONA who want OUTCOMES to get VALUE?

This obviously means that you first have to be clear on who your target customer is, what goals they want to achieve and what value you deliver that helps with those.

Here’s an example for IT leaders:

This is really helpful to start generating ideas. The response will be broad but it will guide you with the directional aspect of your value prop. It will start answering the questions of 1) What to say, and 2) Where to say it.

Here’s the response to the previous prompt:

I’ve highlighted the points I would hit in my value proposition.

If not all of them, at least the most important once. Notice the hierarchy and prioritization. We can’t trust ChatGPT 100% but a simple cross-reference with our own research and we’d instantly know how to begin structuring our copy.

If you’re struggling with finding the right direction for your claim, arguably the most important part of the argument, try this.

Quote and reflection of the day:

“During the depression, when millions of Americans were daily forming long lines outside employment offices and signs reading NO HELP WANTED appeared in thousands of business windows, do you know what words were most often heard by businessmen? Practically all the people looking for work said the same thing: “Give me a job; I’ll do anything.” That is why they had so much trouble finding work.”

  • Earl Nightingale, This Is Earl Nightingale

To get what you look for, be of service.   The value you bring to the table has to come back to the source. Everything is in impermanent balance.

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