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Visualizing your way to profit

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Important announcement:

after 5 years, I’m going to be playing a show!

For the uninformed or the new peeps out here, I’ve been playing drums for 20+ years.

Well, I should actually say, minus the past 5.

That’s when I move to the UK and started my business.

Music got second place.

And haven’t been playing except for some super brief moments behind my electric kit at home.

So, I was pretty stoked to hear I was gonna play here in Winchester after so long.

My first thoughts were about how much I would suck at it after not practicing all these years.

Drumming, especially punk rock, is a lot about technique yes, but also about speed and endurance.

You might preserve the technique, like going on a bycicle.

But speed and endurance, you lose them after a while.

Your body is not used to fast paced, hard hitting sessions anymore.

But something strange happened when I started to practice again.

They laughed when I sat down at the drums…

Just kidding, but a cool copy legend reference.

No, nobody laughed, but what happened that shocked me, was how well I was able to play.

And I wasn’t even getting tired!

Even better, some fills I’ve never figured out how to do, magically came to me after taking a look at a Youtube video for a few seconds.

It was like I’d never stopped playing.

What do I think that was all about?


Yes you might think this is total woo woo BS, but I’m convinced it works.

See, all these years I stopped playing, yes.

But what I kept on doing, was every time I heard a song, I visualized myself playing it on the drums.

It just comes natural after all this time.

It’s what drummers do (sometimes even air drumming along.)

This continuous visualization work, I think, kept me in shape and up to speed (pun intended).

What does all of this have to do with you, you ask?

It’s about continuous, consistent improvements.

And how much that is better than a one spur of a moment all-in sprint.

Whether that’s running user testing regularly, looking at your user recordings and heatmaps every quarter, running customer surveys and A/B testing hypotheses, or anything else you can do to keep your business and product up to speed with the market.

It all compounds and makes any effort or pivot 100x easier.

So next time you’re wondering why you’re not converting, start thinking in terms of what small activity you can do to start collecting data regularly and figure that out.

If you want me to help you on a regular basis and be your partner in optimization, let’s talk.

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