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Want to dominate in your field?

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Competition is a bitch.

You will face it, especially when entering a new field or market.

And with it, the apparent inadequacy, the permission-seeking behavior, and the imposter syndrome.

I was thinking about this as I prepare for the new year.

What kind of competition will I face? How will I adapt?

Asking these questions can be painful, but good preparation.

At the end of the day though, the sooner you’ll realize one thing, the better:

Your only competition is with yourself.

It’s up to you to decide to operate at a higher level or to stay where you are.

The best deconstruction I read about getting to the next level, comes from Robert Ringer in his book “Winning through intimidation”:

“I finally achieved the image power I had dreamed about for so long.  And with the use of my three legal tools, I would have the real power to back up my new image.  But I wanted to take it one step further and back up my image power and legal power by being the best at my profession.  In other words, I wanted to demonstrate performance power

It’s all about acquiring these 3 superpowers:

  • Image power: your branding, the image you project out into the world
  • Real power: the power of your systems, legal, financial, operational
  • Performance power: your skills, your attitude and overall experience

When you can control and master these 3, you’ll be in a position to dominate anyone. Because the only yardstick will be advancing in each in your mind. Against yourself.

And with these comes a nice side benefit…

More from the book:

“…I first learned about one of the most important weapons that all wealthy people have at their disposal:  staying power.  I marveled at how he was prepared to walk away from any deal, because there was no one deal that was that important to him.  As a result, he could not be intimidated.”

Staying power is the direct consequence of achieving conscious competence in the 3 superpowers.

The ability to walk away, or non-neediness that comes with knowing – without a shadow of a doubt – that you are the best.

At doesn’t mean that it’s the absolute universal truth, but in your mind (where it matters) it’s true.

Are you working towards getting to the next level in at least one of these areas?

If so, how?

Let me know.

P.S. In my effort to get good at producing vs consuming, a new website teardown just dropped on my Youtube channel. It’s about how being clear is often better than being clever with your copy.

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Have a great weekend.

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