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Home » Watch me optimize my email funnel (so you can do it too): opt-in brainstorming

Watch me optimize my email funnel (so you can do it too): opt-in brainstorming

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If you’re new (welcome!) or missed the past 4 days, here’s what’s going on:

All right, today on the menu:

“I’ll move on with brainstorming ideas for my opt in ebook(s) while my amazing assistant is so kind to categorize all my daily emails into buckets I can use to group them.”

As part of my brainstorming I headed back to Canva where I started designing the cover for our opt-in ebook.

I have to admit, since the last time I used it (probably 2016?), Canva has grown a LOT.

And it’s easier to use and richer than ever.

I’m a big fan of customizing my visuals a bit more using Figma for example, but when it comes to design and branding, I’m no expert.

Reason why it makes total sense to rely on Canva’s beautiful templates – if anything, for inspiration.

First step, since I will have to promote the ebook on my landing page, I had to think of how to present it, in a nice compelling visual.

On this point, one of the biggest learnings since starting my own business? World building can make or break it.

What do I mean with “world building”?

It’s creating your brand, not only visually, but from a messaging, thematic and values standpoint. Your world, it’s the universe your products and services inhabit. And where your prospects might take a couple of trips – if you’re lucky.

This means that curating and keeping a consistent alignment in your visuals, copy, “virtual attitude” and more… everything contributes to building your own world.

And unless you build it your way, other people will try to bridge the gaps and patch the holes. Which typically doesn’t end up looking pretty.

Anyway, in Canva, you can head to the Smartmockups section and quickly add a design/image to one of their 3D mockups.

For now I simply pasted my temporary draft cover on a few that I liked:


Pretty stoked of how it looks already. And remember, we want to keep things simple.

Next, I worked on the inside of the ebook, starting with the table of contents.

I picked a template from Canva’s gallery and simply edited it with my color palette and a couple of adjustments. Again, super quick and easy.

Finally, I wanted to start thinking of what a chapter page would look like.

Here I took inspiration from a book layout that I liked (“Obviously Awesome”, by April Dunford) and literally mirrored it for my introduction chapter.

Here are all the page templates so far:


Done. Now I just need to collect a series of past issues categorized by theme, pick the theme for Volume 1, and add the content manually in Canva.

I’ll keep you posted once that’s done.

Now, remember, we always think about the end user’s experience.

What else is at play here? What are the touch points that our subscribers will engage with?

Two more to dos once we’re ready will be:

  1. Add incentive and expectation-setting copy for the ebook, in the confirmation email. Once people enter their data they get a confirmation email with a link to activate their subscription. In that email I will “promote” the ebook some more to remind them why they signed up and increase the perceived value they get. It’s all about transferring value from on mind to the other with copy.
  2. Add ebook link in welcome email. In the welcome email that you received too, right now I only ask you for some feedback and to self segment based on what best describes you. When the ebook is ready I’ll simply add a download link to that email. No complex email flows and sequences to add.

That’s it folks.

I see a busy weekend as I have to catch up on a couple of things.

Are you in “getting things done mode” before the holidays?

Quote and reflection of the day:

“The nice thing about determination is that it’s just as available to you and me as it is to a billionaire.” – Robert Ringer , Winning Through Intimidation

When you don’t have massive amounts of wealth or experience on your side (yet), take advantage of the fire burning inside of you. Use it to gauge whether you really want to achieve what you’re setting out to. If you’re starting out and you really want it, chances are you’ll never possess this same level of determination again. Use it.

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