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Do you ever think about the actual results you get out of all your hard work?

I bet you do.

Sometimes those results take a long time to show up.

Sometimes they’re instant.

Copywriting, unfortunately, is not one of those things you can tinker with and see immediate results.

There are a lot of variables involved and depends on the type of project.

The other day a potential client asked if I ever work on a performance basis.

My reply:

“It might be the case if we’re working on a long-form sales page or a simple funnel where there are clear entry points and outcomes, but for bigger projects like web copy and CRO where there are a lot of moving pieces, I prefer working with fixed rates.”

And if you find a copywriter to do the research and write your whole website copy (plus flow and wireframes) – who’s willing to work on performance, they’re just either lying to themselves or are newbies looking for portfolio pieces or real-world experience they don’t have yet.

My two cents.

Anyway, the other day I was chatting with my coach and one thing he said stood out in relation to this:

“It’s not what you get, it’s what you get rid of”.

He was speaking about vices, lack of discipline or values, and anything to do with maintaining a strong, resilient mindset.

But it’s true with your conversion optimization work too.

Sometimes it’s tough to measure results because what prevents you from converting, is what you need to get rid of.

Points that just add confusion and don’t serve your purpose.

Fluffy or fancy words.

Visuals distract visitors from the main message.

Pricing tables too complex to figure out what people should pay you.

And more.

Figuring out how to trim the fat and only leave the muscle on your website is the work of research and copy editing.

If you need a quick opinion on what you could improve by simply getting rid of what you don’t need, just we can run a quick UX & Copy Teardown.

Get yours here.

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