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It’s a very frequent question I get from potential clients, and it’s one that separates the pros from the amateurs.

When you can answer it the right way.

Not only in copywriting but in any endeavour.

Being able to clarify your process, or how you do what you do, first requires that you are crystal clear on it.

And it also means understanding what the other person needs to hear.

It’s about matching, setting and exceeding expectations, as I often say.

But more than anything, going over your process, in your mind or in conversations, requires practice.

The more you practice, the more you identify with your process and are able to explain it.

To dig deeper, to add nuance.

Which is what leads to making your process better and better.

From The practice, by Seth Godin:

“The practice demands that we approach our process with commitment. It acknowledges that creativity is not an event, it’s simply what we do, whether or not we’re in the mood. Sculptor Elizabeth King said it beautifully, ‘Process saves us from the poverty of our intentions.'”

Setting an intention is the starting point.

But intentions have to be sustained and that requires persistent effort.

A process that’s based on those intentions turns the effort into a natural part of life or business. Suddenly it’s not something we do “just because” anymore.

Process systematizes intentions into what we do.

And from what we do, it becomes who we are.

That’s why I try to inject my research methodology into my clients’ processes.

The goal is not to complete the copywriting project, but to install a system, a regular and consistent practice they can follow.

Can’t stress this enough.

Need help? Get in touch.

P.S. yesterday I landed in Dublin for SaaStock. Gonna be a cool conference and I look forward to connecting with other SaaS nerds and getting some questions.

I’m going to share some of the answers and lessons here over the next couple of days.

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