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There’s one thing I do in my process that I think a lot of freelancers or consultants don’t pay much attention or give enough importance to.

Explaining my thought process.

It’s a big part of my work. Reason why the wireframes I deliver are packed with comments for each and every section of copy.

It’s not only to back up my decisions and explain why I did something, but it’s also to provide context to the client so they can learn and decide on their own what to do with that copy.

One mistake clients will do if you overlook this?

They will take copy you wrote for a section on their homepage and use it somewhere else in their marketing funnel, where it doesn’t really make any sense.

For example, taking a crosshead that’s designed to move prospects from what they just read to a slightly more aware stage, and using it as Ad copy on Google or Facebook. Or even in an existing intent pop-up.

One thing that’s important to consider when you want to repurpose copy is context.

Does this apply to this specific case and moment in the customer journey?

To figure that out, just look at what people see before and after that piece of copy. Think about what they know and what they don’t know yet.

Is this helpful (for you and the sale, but also for them to learn more)?

Quick gut check but a very useful one.

Also, one thing that I feel I’m really responsible for on my projects. Part of what I do is educating clients and arm them with the knowledge they need to do this stuff on their own.

Are you the one providing the service?

When things go wrong it’s always good to ask yourself “What didn’t I do that could have prevented this?”.

On a side note, are we friends on Twitter? If not let’s fix it.

It’s the best place to share ideas and quick tips and tricks.

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