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Where to start collecting data

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I was on a podcast the other day.

One question I’ve got that I thought was interesting was:

“Can you run website surveys on a blog page if that’s where most of the traffic lands?”

You can tell the guys asking is in SEO.

After all that’s what they have to deal with.

How do you turn visitors who want to get information, into buyers?

Very challenging problem.

But also one you can solve.

You just need some insight into how people think and move through your site.

How do you get this insight?

Before jumping into it, there was also another very good point the host made.

And that’s about how a lot of companies who have money to throw out of the window, run these random ass surveys just to explain the cost of their analytics software.

After all they’re implementing best practices, right?


If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I despise best practices.

But let me explain…

It’s not that I never follow best practices.

Leveraging decades of experiments and research is good.

But blindly following best practices is what I hate.

My philosophy?

Always question best practices and apply what makes sense from them.

Same with copywriting formulas and frameworks.

They have a place, but research and strategy always come first.

Anyway, how would get data to understand how we can turn blog visitors into customers?

Two things:

– Study their intent

– Understand how they consume the blog content

– Figure out how they move through the site

– Spot the drop offs

And finally, ask them the right questions at the right place and time.

You’ve got all the tools to do that nowadays.

Hotjar, Google Analytics, Typeform etc.

All great.

But you need to know how to use them.

So you can both justify their cost, AND get the insights you need to grow.

If you want to learn how to do it (it’s a step by step process), let’s talk.

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