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Just hopped off a very interesting call.

Usually, potential clients reach out with the need to re-write their copy. They likely built their businesses stitching up a copy as best as they could, with little to no process.

And they need help doing it seriously, without guessing.

But this time it was different.

First, this is not a new client. We worked together last year on two big projects and had great results.

Now they’re thinking of branching out, from B2C into B2B with a product related to their main one.

Thing is, they are not sure it’s worth the money. Or even if the market would respond well.

There are many challenges when it comes to writing copy for a “test” website like this.

It’s all about validation.

You have no customers to ask questions to.

You have no business or product to look at.

But you need to pre-sell it to validate your idea.

So what should we do?

First, it will be a lot of competitor research work. This will help us gain insight into what others in the space are doing with their marketing and product strategy.

Then it will come to me extracting as much knowledge and information as possible from the founder.

A lot of listening.

And I expect I will have to do a bit of coaching with the client too.

My job in this case is yes, to sell the idea, but to also make sure we have an idea worth selling.

And my experience can come in handy.

I will have to call BS on some things. Like a good personal trainer calling you out when you’re trapped in your limiting beliefs or excuses.

And then it will come to being clear about this product’s positioning and uniqueness. Otherwise, why would they do it?

Finally, we will have to set the right expectations for prospects with our copy and flow.

Especially because the product is still not live yet!

Nobody wants to buy an idea. They want the realization of that idea.

And we’ll have to show it to them, not just talk about it.

You do that with specific language that filters the bad prospects out and attracts the right ones.

Anyway, maybe you’re working on something similar. Maybe you just need help understanding whether your idea is “sellable” or not.

When you want to take it further, reach out.

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