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Your “About” page is not about you

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What’s your “About” page really about?

Most companies think it’s their little corner of the web to share their mission, their values, their story.

But it’s actually not about them at all.

I’m working on one for a client, so I thought I’d share my 2 cents on these kinds of pages.

Look a couple up online and you’ll find a plethora of “we do…”, “we are…”, “our XYZ…” and on and on. Trouble is, when you make it all about you, that’s when visitors start to glaze over and leave.

Yes, they want to learn more about who’s behind the product they’re about to buy…

…but they only care about whether or not your team and your expertise or skills are relevant to what THEY want. And how that’s all different / better than anything else around.

Most business treat their about page as a passive piece of content. Something to complement everything else. A vase of flowers on a window sill.

Almost like it’s not part of the customer journey.

Start running some user tests or look at your heatmaps, and you’ll find that your About page is often in the top 3 or 4 most visited on your site.

People value personality and the additional context a good About page provides.

Treat yours as an active step in the customer journey.

Keep the frame on your customer, avoid using “we”, or “our” as much as you can and for f#*k’s sake tone those values and mission down!

Chances are you’re not trying to save the world. You have a good product and want to sell it. Be clear and honest about it. People value transparency.

And if you really want to spice it up and make it powerful, address the competition. Your About page is the perfect (and most underused) place to answer the question “Why you and not someone else?”.

No need to directly mention competitors.

Even just using language from their negative customer reviews will do it. Especially certain words that are used often. It’s what a lot of the customers that aren’t right for your competitors (but are right for you), have accepted as truth. And you’re entering their minds.

Next time you’re about to go on a tangent about your market-leading, best in class blah blah blah, remember, be proactive and keep the frame on your customers – even on your About page.

And if you need help with it, get in touch.



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