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Your customers are nuts and why you should care

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Your audience is crazy.

And it might be costing you sales.

Or rather, not understanding this might be costing you sales.

What do I mean by that? And why crazy?

Well, people in general are irrational.

Want proof?

Just ask a friend to look through a website you’re already familiar with.

And observe where they look, listen to what they say about it.

Chances are they’re perspective on it will be totally different from yours.

Especially true if your friend has different interests and goals.

Sometimes one thing that sounds totally fine and obvious to you, can sound insane to someone else.

That’s how different our own mental models of the world can be from others’.

And you need to take it into consideration when it comes to selling online.

One good way to think of it: your prospects are the wife that’s always complaining but sticks with her husband, no matter what.

The other day I was watching the TV show Ray Donovan. The guys is a badass, almost unemotional “get stuff done guy”, cleaning up messes for the rich in Hollywood.

His wife is not happy about his escapades and he’s not sharing anything that’s going on in his life.

So she gets drunk and confides to her friend:

“Fucking Ray I hate him all the time and when I’m drunk I can’t stop thinking about him”.

Ok, you don’t want to get your prospects drunk, but “in vino veritas”.

When their true nature comes out, when it’s time to buy, that’s where their irrationality can reach obnoxious levels.

And that’s when you have to show you’re in control.

Control doesn’t mean forcing them to do anything though.

It means you know what they want, deep down in their irrational minds.

And are willing and able to give it to them.

It also means you are selling what they want, not strictly what they need.

Huge difference.

What they need = hard workouts and fitness, discipline.

What they want = an easy done-for-you diet plan (that still allows for sugar and fat).

Hard work for you to figure this stuff out. But big payoff if you do it right.

If you want to learn how I go about understanding the depths of people’s minds let’s talk.

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