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I’m preparing for a podcast interview and thinking about some talking points.

One stands out because it’s a problem that plagues many SaaS businesses and keeps their owners up at night.

Knowing about this makes the difference between building a product that has long-term potential and one that has a very short lifespan.

And that is…

Product problems are often positioning problems in disguise.

I have a very fresh example in mind as it happened to my client.

And our project shined a light on it.

These guys wanted to run some research on their audience to learn more about them. They couldn’t figure out what was wrong with their product and why more people weren’t signing up.

What came out was that the audience they were attracting with their messaging and positioning, were not their ideal targets.

In other words, they were worrying about their product not being right – but for the wrong people.

That’s when you start building unnecessary features and heading in the wrong direction. A very expensive one.

It’s what I mean by “positioning problems in disguise”.

When you’re not clear on what you do, who you do it for, and how that’s different, you risk attracting the wrong audience. This makes you think your product is not working and you need to do something about it.

In reality, simply collecting more intel on how you can position yourself to attract the right people and using it to improve your messaging would get you more qualified eyeballs.

This is also a compelling argument for spending time on your value proposition. One that fits how you position yourself. One that automatically qualifies the right candidates and makes the wrong ones think twice about it.

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