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Daily lesson 11 – Awareness & perspective

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Winchester, UK – 8:50pm

Today I’ve meditated for 5 hours.

The monthly Vipassana group sitting was really eye opening. I got used to meditating for 30 minutes every day, which is a big step from the 10 minutes I was doing last year. But the sheer focus and intensity of 5 hours was what I needed to remind myself how little control I still have over my thoughts and emotions.

This awareness opens up an entirely new perspective. From this side, I see there’s a shit ton of work to do and it’s motivating.

I also see that the work is never done. The work is part of life and what makes it interesting.

From today’s Daily Stoic chapter:

Process and parse what you are feeling. Remove your expectations, your entitlements, your sense of having been wronged. Find the positive in the situation, but also sit with your pain and accept it, remembering that it is a part of life.

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