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What would I do if I was …

Jungian masculine archetypes are a useful mental model to keep in mind.

In “King, Warrior, Magician, Lover” they are defined as:

instinctual patterns and energy configurations probably inherited genetically throughout the generations of our species. These archetypes provide the very foundations of our behaviors—our thinking, our feeling, and our characteristic human reactions.

You see them in movies, books and video games. Any story worth telling is probably based on one or more archetypes. It’s because we resonate with them.

A mentor once told me that you never want to get too close to one archetype. Too much of anything is never good. It’s like getting close to the sun. Too close and you’ll melt, but you can enjoy it and get huge health benefits when you take a walk here on earth on a sunny day.

A quick “mantra” I came up with to remember their function is:

  • King to order chaos
  • Warrior to detach and act
  • Magician to reflect objectively
  • Lover to find meaning

I find that in any situation, being able to get closer to one type of energy/archetype rather than another based on what it calls for, is very helpful.

It allows you to detach from the situation and ask yourself “What would I do if I was ….”?

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