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Complementary skills

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Copywriting and UX design are complementary skills. When learned together you get compounding returns.

Here’s 2 reasons why, from personal experience.

They share the same framework

For both copywriting and UX design, 70% of the job is research, 20 % strategy and 10% actual implementation.

When you “write” copy, it’s usually when you’ve already done the research and planning. Words have to deserve their place, and only research and customers can tell you the right ones to use.

When you wireframe a page or app screen, it’s usually when you already know what a user journey looks like and what the user needs to see and do. Only research and users can tell you what that is.

They fill in each others’ gaps

One misconception of copywriting is that it has to come after the design and visual hierarchy have been planned. On the other hand a UX designer needs to know what the messaging flow will be in order to make the most of their research.

When you know both copywriting and UX design, you work organically to structure and create a page/design.

You go from “let me see if this copy fits” to “this copy fits here because XYZ”. From guessing to clarity.

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