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Design for copywriters 101

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Copywriters should know the basics of design.

The times when as a copywriter you worked in a silo are over. The more you know about design fundamentals like white space, alignment and typography, the more effective your strategy and copy will be.

Not only that, you’ll be in a much better position to discuss and defend your decisions with designers and developers, and you’ll understand their language.

It’s a pretty known fact that copy should come before design, and when you have no idea how a designer goes about structuring a page, you’re just working with a blindfold on.

Learn how to design basic wireframes to deliver your copy.

Google docs are good for your first messy draft, but then polish it. Use balsamiq or figma to deliver your copy and add in notes on your thought process and research.

The process of fitting your copy into wireframes will help you fine tune your copy, it will make it more concise.

You will be forced to visually prioritize certain pieces over others, emphasize headlines and CTA copy. The designer and developer will get a much better idea for the visual hierarchy that will make your copy as effective as possible.

No need to get a degree. It’s all about just in time learning.

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