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On detachment and UX design

Two essential cravings for any of us, are freedom and control over our experience.

In UX design you give users both when you allow them to undo an action, abandon a task or go back to a previous step.

But sometimes, businesses tend to cut corners on these and that’s when their attachment to the outcome (more customers) gets dangerous.

They start tunneling users into endless forms or checkout upsells, without any way for them to come up for air.

While when used properly these techniques work, they shouldn’t be used blindly. Users should always have a way to find their way out.

It’s the same in any type of relationship, romantic, business or personal. The more needy you are, the less likely the other person is to want to stick around.

As humans we want to feel like we’re in control of whatever we’re doing.

It’s a good rule of thumb to always let the other person know they are free and that you are not attached to any of their decisions.

Wanting it is different from needing it.

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