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Being honest with yourself might be the most fundamental step you can take to start improving yourself in any area.

But just being “honest” doesn’t cut it.

Your self talk should help you change your perspective, to the point where you can’t avoid taking action to improve yourself.

That’s what we call “brutal honesty”. But it still might not be what you need.

Brutal = savagely violent

Choosing to be violent might only reinforce your deep rooted beliefs.

When you’re brutally honest with yourself you risk removing any sort of positive self talk. It can spiral into self inflicted torture.

There’s another, more efficient way to reframe the right kind of honesty you need. It’s “ruthless” honesty.

Ruthless = merciless, cold-blooded

When you’re ruthlessly honest, you don’t infuse honesty with any sort of judgement. You simply obliterate any resistance towards being honest.

By choosing to be merciless you detach from the outcome, you just offer your honesty without emotion, without labelling it.

It’s like the difference between a savage Viking looking to sever your head in battle vs an executioner who’s just doing his job.

To start making any real, lasting change, find your inner, cold-blooded executioner.

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