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Follow your gut but don’t trust it

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Learning to follow your intuition, is an invaluable skill.

It’s what separates great leaders from average ones.

I’ve learned a lot from mentors who have a great vision and intuition for what works and what doesn’t. They just have a sense for how it all pans out.

But intuition is just the starting point.

If you want to make it through the inevitable obstacles, simply following your intuition is not enough. That’s where commitment comes in.

It’s a constant alternating between a good hunch and the commitment to see it through.

Only follow your intuition, how you feel, and you might start off with the right foot, but not even get halfway to your goal.

Commit to something that doesn’t feel right, and you’ll end up frustrated and dissatisfied.

But when you trace your path from intuition to completion, with a good dose of commitment, that’s when you start seeing results.

A simple example from my workouts:

Whenever I’m doing burpees and pushups, I don’t just start and finish whenever I feel I’m tired. I set either a time or rep number constraint. And I commit to getting through it.

That’s going to be the signal that the work got done. Not how tired I am.

The best decisions start with an intuition and end with commitment.

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