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Knowing is not experiencing

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“The highest authority is one’s own experience of truth.” – S.N. Goenka

Knowing is not experiencing. That’s what Vipassana meditation teaches you. This is the basis of learning anything in life.

When you see anything as a learning experience, you have no way of really failing. That’s also the only way to truly know what works for you and what doesn’t

In a world with so much information available at any time, it’s easy to just jump to conclusions based on the first breadcrumb you stumble on.

Vipassana not only teaches you to approach anything from a first person point of view, to really experience it. It also points out that all you need to really learn is inside yourself.

“The only way to experience truth directly is to look within, to observe oneself. All our lives we have been accustomed to look outward. We have always been interested in what is happening outside, what others are doing. We have rarely, if ever, tried to examine ourselves, our own mental and physical structure, our own actions, our own reality.”

It’s the basis of self improvement coming from thousands of years of practice.

It all starts with you and taking responsibility for finding truth in your own experience. Not in anyone else’s.

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