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Negotiating the right way

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One of the most efficient ways to win negotiations, is to get on the other side, at least at the start.

I’ve been watching a lot of Million Dollar Listing NY lately, and I love how brokers are able to join sides with their clients, even when their demands are the most absurd.

In “Big Money Energy“, Ryan Serhant says:

“It’s not a battle; it’s a collaboration, a conversation.”

It’s a slow gradual process that requires a lot of empathy and storytelling skills.

Reminds me a lot about what tattoo artists have to face.

I’ve got plenty of experience sitting on their chairs, and god knows the kind of misguided requests and weird ideas tattoo artists get on a daily basis.

The good ones don’t reject them right away though.

A pro knows that first, they have to empathize with the client, reassure them that they will get the best result and then, present their point of view to find the middle ground.

After all a shitty tattoo is a bad idea, both for the client but also for the artist.

For the client it’s pretty obvious, but for the tattooer, it’s about safeguarding their credibility and brand too.

Negotiations should start with stepping a foot on the other side.

You solidify the relationship, increase the likelihood of winning the deal and and protect your image.

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