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Lessons from being a non-native speaker

I’m grateful for not being a native English speaker.

Since I was a child growing up in Italy, I’ve been attracted to what’s foreign (mostly American and British).

Whether it was music, movies, video games or basketball, I always experienced that extra challenge (and probably extra fascination) that natives might not get with their own language.

Even though learning English came naturally, it forced me to keep an open mind and to hustle a bit more to get what I want.

When I started learning copywriting – in English – I really began paying attention to words and how they flow. I became an obsessive consumer of words.

I still pay an inordinate amount of attention to detail and immediately google for meanings anytime I have the slightest doubt. Like I just searched for the meaning of “inordinate” a few moments ago.

Most words are somewhere in my mind, kind of foggy, but they pop up like magic, and that’s when the extra hustle/perfectionist mode comes to the rescue.

Learning English taught me to always go the extra mile, even before others ask for it, so I can be clear, convey my point and leave a mark. It’s also a constant reminder of how little I do know and still have to learn.

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