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The new model for organizations in 2021

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Two completely different organizations, same model, one thing in common: great user experience.

I’m talking about the messaging app Signal and the Vipassana meditation organization Dhamma.org.

Signal has been offering high quality texting and video communication services in an end-to-end encrypted environment for free for years.

Dhamma has been spreading Vipassana meditation around the world for decades, for free.

Both organizations are non-profit and focus on providing a great experience to their users. Their revenue is based on donations.

Their counterparts could be considered Whatsapp and Transcendental meditation (TM).

Whatsapp asks you to share your data with Facebook, TM asks you for money.

I haven’t practiced TM yet, but it’s one of my goals for 2021. IF anything to at least see what’s about. But all the fuss and promotion around it, especially from mainly 90% hollywood people makes me want to trust it less and less.

It’s like if Whatsapp introduced ads (which might actually do soon).

With decentralization becoming an important theme, the non-profit, donation-based model might start gaining more and more success and adoption.

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