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The most underrated portfolio diversification

It’s never been a better time for diversification. Uncertainty is mitigated by optionality.

While most look to diversify their finances, it’s useful to think of ways of diversifying other areas.

Diversify your physical activity

My current weekly routine consists of: bodyweight outdoor workouts 4 x week, long distance run 1 x week, short distance run 1 x week, and 1 recovery day, usually stretching.

I see it as a portfolio optimized for performance, longevity and yes, why not, looks.

Diversify your mindfulness practice

I practice Vipassana meditation one hour every morning and I take walks to think and just wander. Sometimes I plunge into cold baths which is a mix of physical and mental practice.

It’s a portfolio optimized for peace of mind, intuition and creativity.

Diversify your skillset

The concept of Talent Stack by Scott Adams is a great way to explain this. Acquiring a bunch of skills that work well together, without necessarily having to master each one.

I’ve been diversifying with software engineering, copywriting, UX / Ui design, SEO, basics of html and css, marketing, project management etc.

I’ve been building this portfolio to explore and follow my interests, but also to open the doors to serendipity in my career.

There’s a ton of other areas we can diversify in. When we look at it as building a bunch of different portfolios, we start seeing life as more fun and full of possibilities.

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