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Second order effects

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When choosing our career path or when pursuing a passion, we often don’t consider second order effects.

“Every action has a consequence, and those consequences always have consequences — even if you don’t know what they are or don’t want them to happen.” – The Personal MBA

When I decided to pursue drumming and music for almost 20 years it was because I wanted to be a musician. When I started learning copywriting and working online, it was because I wanted the freedom and flexibility of touring whenever I wanted.

Playing music professionally didn’t work out, but I know work online, just as I’ve planned and with the freedom and flexibility I wanted. I’m simply using it to do different things.

Indirectly, my decision to play drums led to finding work I enjoy as a second order effect, but never in a million years I would have thought about it back then.

From experience, following your intuition generates more positive second order effects than negative. Second order effects are more practical way of looking at serendipity.

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