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Studying yourself

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The subject of “yourself” should be taught in schools.

I’m not talking about a new age-y, spiritual way of knowing yourself, but more of a practical analysis.

Personality typing plays a huge role in this.

You can believe Jung psychology and the MBTI or not, but understanding what you prioritize and enjoy, what energizes you and what drains you, can lead to making better decisions and aligning with your vision.

Of course reality is more complex that 4 letters, but the simple mental models you get in return for studying your personality type can simplify it.

1) Are you Introverted or Extraverted?

This tells you how you get energized so you can plan accordingly.

2) What’s more fine tuned, your intuition or your senses?

This tells you what to trust, when to listen and when to think twice about it. It’s how you collect and store information.

3) Are you more of a Thinking or Feeling type?

Knowing this helps you understand how you process information best and turn it into insights. It’s your decision making framework.

4) Are you Judging or Perceiving?

This tells you what kind of a planner you are, whether you like structure or flexibility more, and if you’re more open or close towards new experiences.

That said, your personality evolves and is not set in stone. Update your analysis as you go.

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