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The value of ideas

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We think a lot every day.

Some researchers say it’s around 70,000 thoughts per day.

I know I do it a lot. Especially when my mind is left to wonder, free from any constraints. Thank god for meditation or my head would probably metaphorically implode.

The other day on a run, I had 4 or 5 different ideas, my brain firing on all cylinders. One led to the other, it was crazy.

I started this site to write about these ideas, but most of the times I censor myself. I have the thought, I let it simmer in my head for a bit and when I get back to it, it just sounds like crap.

So I never write about it. Or I jot a few lines somewhere that never get published. I’m relegating ideas to second place, without giving them a chance.

So I decided to come up with a system to see if an idea survives and deserves it’s place on the podium.

  • Whenever I have an idea, it goes on my notepad as soon as I can write it down. If I’m out, I’ll try not to use my phone. I want to see if the idea gets through the first hurdle.
  • Then I let a day go by.
  • If the idea still sounds interesting and worth exploring, I’ll add it to an “Article ideas” page on Roam Research.
  • The next time I sit down for my writing time, I take a look at the Article ideas page. If the idea still sounds cool, I’ll write about it. Most of the times what I find, is that if the idea got to this point, I’ll probably want to dig deeper which will lead me to more exciting stuff along the way.

It’s not fair to punish your ideas before hearing what they have to say. Let them face trial. The ones that get through it in one piece, are worth their weight in gold.

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