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Unearned credibility

When it comes to writing, it’s easy to fool yourself into believing you know something.

You jot down your thoughts, but if you don’t question them, you’re just left with a transcription.

As Scott Adams says in “Loserthink“:

That generic label excuses you from having to provide facts and reasons to back up your opinion. Best of all, the word problematic sounds smart, which gives you unearned credibility.

Transcribing your thoughts is half of the work. It might be better than letting them go, but it’s not active work. And it gives yourself unearned credibility.

It’s like getting a free pass, only to realize it’s expired.

To make the writing process count, shoot for earning your credibility.

Do the work of questioning your own assumptions and of reaching for a different perspective.

It’s true when it comes to your own writing but also when you’re interacting with someone else’s.

It’s one of the most important lessons you learn in copywriting, too.

For every sentence or statement ask yourself “So, what?” and then “Prove it”. It makes your writing more powerful and you’ll have earned your credibility.

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