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Copywriting and CRO consulting for B2B SaaS marketeing, product and growth folks

Sometimes you don’t have months to research your audience and launch a complete website redesign.

Or maybe your budget is tight.

But when it comes to improving conversions, you’re shooting in the dark…

…well, this is for you.

Need help with anything copy, UX or conversion rate optimization for your B2B SaaS?

We jump on a call and you get the help you need from someone who’s in the trenches helping other 7 or 8 figure businesses like yours.

Except you skip the whole intake + proposal + waitlist + 2-3 month project timeline.

Who am I?

Hi I’m Chris! I’m The Conversion Alchemist, and since 2016 I’ve been helping B2B SaaS businesses turn more prospects into loyal customers. 

Don't take my word for it

How it works

We get on a Workshop call to help you get clear on anything, brainstorm ideas or for any feedback. 

Or we work together on a 3-month Roadmap, so you have me on your side to guide you through important decisions in your business. 


For brainstorming, feedback or quick problem solving
$ 250
  • 60 minutes video call
  • Session recording and followup notes
  • Email access for 2 weeks after the call

What we can do

  • Look over a piece of copy you wrote and improve it
  • Workshop a positioning strategy together
  • Turn an existing positioning strategy into draft copy ideas
  • Write and launch a usability test together to spot what’s broken
  • Look at research and brainstorm ideas for what to AB test
  • Teardown any page or sign up/onboarding flow
  • Plan a training program for your team
  • And more

3-month Roadmap

For short-term but consistent support and guidance
$ 1400
  • 2-one hour video calls per month (6 calls total)
  • 3 month growth plan and goals
  • Email access in between sessions for any questions
  • Recordings and followup notes for all sessions

What we can do

  • Everything we can do in a typical one hour Workshop call (above)
  • Work through your conversion challenges so you don’t have to guess
  • Come up with copy and layout variants to test over the 3 months
  • Create and “install” a repeatable research system to understand your audience, market and competitors
  • Train your team on copywriting, UX and CRO
  • And more

Some of the 7 and 8 figure businesses I helped


I created this for any SaaS founders, marketers or heads of growth who either:

– Can’t afford – both time or budget-wise – to go through a full positioning and copywriting project (typically 1 or 2 months)

– Need help and a different perspective, to make sure they optimize and iterate

– Have the resources to implement the recommendations (we can brainstorm and write draft copy together or create wireframes, but it won’t likely be finalized during our sessions)

– Are very early stage with their product and business, and need direction and support

– Don’t have product market-fit or customers yet and want to set up a plan to figure it all out

(Are you a freelance copywriter or aspiring, looking for a mentor? Let’s chat)

I’ve been a conversion copywriter for over 6 years and a UX designer for 2 at an agency. The 7 and 8 figure SaaS  businesses I’ve been helping, completely transformed their messaging and positioning based on the insights we gathered through research and hard data. I know exactly what to do to fix most of your copy and conversion issues and I can share it with you so you don’t have to stumble in the dark.

I will be your strategic advisor on anything copywriting, UX design and CRO related. I can provide recommendations on what kind of research you should run, what data to collect and how to do it (including sharing my interview questions and research templates). I can give you feedback on copy you write, train your team and more. Basically anything we can do in the 60 minutes of each call, plus some prep time for me before we jump on it. Just keep in mind that we’ll be able to brainstorm and even write draft copy together, but I wouldn’t consider it final. 

For both the Workshop and the Roadmap calls you’ll have your own private booking link. You’ll be able to schedule calls with a minimum of 4 working days notice. If needed, we can also schedule multiple calls in advance. If needed we can move booked calls, but they’re non refundable. I reserve time for these so commitment is important on both sides 😊

Still have questions?