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Know your customers like the back of your hand & scale your 7-figure eCommerce business

The road to 7 and 8 figures in eCommerce is paved with a lot of trial and error and self doubt. 

And when your site is (kinda) working, making any change feels like disarming a time bomb. 

But hey, AB testing tell you what works and what doesn’t right? And you’ve probably done lots of it already.

So let’s do a quick test…

Do you know:

  • Why do some visitors add to cart and never end up buying? 
  • Why do others buy once only to never come back for more?
  • What do your ideal customers expect when landing on your site?
  • What do they need to see and in what order to convince them to purchase?
  • What’s the ideal flow users need to go through on your site to convert the best?
  •  What do they think about your navigation? Is it confusing? Can they find what they need?
  • Why do you get so many questions in chat, when you clearly tell them everything they need to know right there!?

If you don’t know the answer to any 3 of these questions, chances are your business could convert way better.

But you’re the business owner right? Shouldn’t you know your customers like the back of your hand? 

Well, with all the work you’ve got to take care of or supervise, between sourcing, fulfilment, inventory management, customer service and social media – it’s a lot already. 

Maybe you’ve tried shortcutting your way to higher conversions scouring the blogosphere, you’ve joined private communities promising the secrets to dominating in your niche, you’ve attended $10k in person masterminds…

…or you’ve hired a freelancer to write copy for your homepage, then worked with a PPC agency to send heaps of traffic to your site. In hopes (and prayers) that the new copy would convert 10x right away. 

But ultimately none of it really worked. 

You find yourself still stagnant, still with the annoying feeling that your website doesn’t feel like “you”. 

Maybe it’s the moment to exit and venture into something new?

If you’ve got this far, there’s only one thing separating you and your business from leveling up. And it’s been under your nose the whole time.

It’s human nature. 

Because your customers are indeed humans. They have desires, fears, ojections, motivations and expectations. Some of them might be logical, others emotional. Some might make decisions in a heartbeat and others take ages to read every. single. word. on your page in painstaking detail before buying. 

Some will be familiar with your competition and some others won’t even know there is such a thing as competition.

And no templated design or process can help you figure this out.

But there’s still hope…

Hire your private investigator. Enter the minds of your customers.

Increase conversions on your eCommerce store and get a crystal clear view of your audience and business.

Christopher Silvestri

Hi, I’m Chris. I’m a conversion designer and copywriter. I work with 7 figure eCommerce business owners like you, to help them scale their business and make more of their visitors stoked to buy from them. 

What does copywriting have to do with private investigations you might ask?

Well, good copy can help but only if it’s based on real, hard data. 

And that’s what you’ve likely been missing. 

Real, qualitative data on who your best and worst customers are. No I’m not talking about how old they are or where they’re from. 

The data you really need to understand your customers only comes through actually spending lots of time watching how they use your site, speaking with them (and actually listening), asking them questions and studying their behavior patterns.

It sounds like CSI stuff, but this is actually the work of a good conversion copywriter. 

It’s like a private investigator who has to find out if your partner is cheating on you. 

I take it a step further and also help you understand why they’re cheating on you, so you can find a better partner (customer) next time. 


I mix copywriting and UX design principles and research strategies, to not only come up with the right words to persuade your customers, but to also make sure that their journey through your site is like walking on a red carpet you’ve just rolled for them.

Here's how it works:

It all starts with research 

Research & discovery is usually 70% of the work, reason why I spend time to scope and customize exactly what you need for your specific project.  

Don’t have a clue why visitors land on your homepage and 60% bounce?

We’ll likely first have to understand where these people are coming from, what they expect to see on the page and how to match those expectations so they keep reading. User testing and website polls are great for this.

You think you know your customers, but there’s a disconnect between that and what you’re saying on your site?

 We’ll interview your best customers and ask them deeply probing questions to understand their fears, desires, goals, objections etc. - so we can mirror and address them on the page. 

Do you feel like your brand doesn’t stand out and your uniqueness doesn’t come through on the site?

 We’ll dive into competitor research and review mining to sneak into the minds of your potential customers who are using competitors, figure out what they’re not happy about and give it to them in your copy (and product).

Did you get any sign that your navigation is a mess?

Then we might include card sorting, to understand what’s happening. 

And when we start you’ll have a clear idea of what will be done and when:

Sneak peek inside your dedicated portal!

Some examples of what we can learn:

Let’s put words on the page

With the data we needed, we can now move on to writing the actual copy. But that doesn’t stop there. To help you visualize the final result and to guide you in understanding how the copy flows and why we placed it where we did, I write the copy in wireframes. 

These are layouts (in Figma) that you can send directly to a designer and developer to be implemented. In every wireframe, I also add notes on my thought process and reasoning, so you can review later on after I’ve presented them to you on a call. 

No guessing, no confusion, fewer revisions – faster implementation. 

Higher conversions and more revenue sooner.

After this process usually clients freak out with excitement. You could be next! 

Let’s test it

Good conversion copywriting, removes a lot of the guesswork. But it’s not an exact science. 

This is why after the writing and wireframing (or after the mockups have been created by a designer) we might want to test and validate our work. So we can truly remove any doubt and launch confidently. 

We might create a few variants for important pieces of copy, and run user testing on them to see which one resonates best. 

Or we can launch the new design and test while it’s live in the first few weeks. With user testing again, or user recordings, A/B testing, website polls and more. So we get more accurate data – from your exact audience. 

We won’t stop until we’ve got the data we need. 

Chris is an ideal sparring partner. He listens to understand and creates a framework which allows us to refine our copywriting and therefore the message to our customers.
Chris' advice was always driven by the study of the market segment and of our AI product itself to highlight the differentiation factors... The feeling was that he cared for our company. Personally, I learned a lot from his passionate approach

What does it look like?

Here’s what this process looked like for from research to copy, to wireframes and ultimately live website.

Hand my wireframes to a designer and get your conversion optimized design ready

Get copy that converts visitors into happy customers

And the insights you need to scale your eCommerce business.

Starts at$4,000 – Don’t have the budget yet? I can still help you.