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How the sausage is made

Why you can't convert

If you’re here, chances are your website is not doing its job. 

Maybe your current customers even love your product, but you’re struggling to get new ones or it takes a thousand touchpoints to convert them.

Meanwhile the competition is getting fiercer and everyone in your space sounds exactly the same. Crafting messaging that communicates how you’re different and why that matters, gets harder and harder.

If only you could read people’s minds…

The big disconnect

Every visitor landing on your site comes with a set of motivations, values and anxieties. If your ICP (Ideal Customer Persona) is murky or doesn’t care enough, it’s also harder to keep your sales, marketing and product teams on the same page on how you communicate to them.

You end up not clearly explaining what you do, who you do it for and how you do it better or differently. Your message doesn’t resonate.

There’s a disconnect between what you think your product does, and what your customers are actually “hiring” it for.

I help you put those pieces together

No matter how hard differentiating has become, or how cursed you are by your own product knowledge, I help you get outside of your own head and into your customers’ shoes. And then walk a mile in them ’til they sign up.

Here's how...

Research & Discovery

This is where we learn how to bridge the gap between what users know, expect and want (their mental model) and how you are presenting information to them (conceptual model). The closer the match, the higher the conversions! 

We get to the end of this stage with value proposition copy we can test targeting different angles for pains, gains and Jobs To Be Done.

  • Review mining
  • Competitor analysis
  • Website survey
  • Website heatmaps
  • Team interviews
    • Founder
    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • Product
  • Customer survey
  • Pre-test analysis 
    • Position mapping
    • Jobs To Be Done
    • Persona workshop & proto-buyer creation
  • JTBD interviews & persona validation (10 customers)
  • Value proposition drafts

Message testing

This is where we de-risk the entire copywriting process. by making sure we’re hitting the right Jobs To Be Done and the right language in our value propositions. 

By the end of this phase we’ll have our complete messaging framework ready to go for us to write the website copy. 

  • Team alignment surveys
    • Founder
    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • Product
  • Website AB test
  • Copy testing with target audience
  • Email test
  • 5 second test
  • Preference test
  • Moderated/unmoderated usability testing
  • Build-a-box workshop

Writing, Editing, & Wireframing

Here we take everything we’ve learned from research and testing (our messaging framework), and put it down on the page. We’ll write copy for our core pages, edit for clarity, persuasiveness, and specificity, then translate it into low fidelity wireframes. Finally, we’ll run a quick series of low risk testing, even before your developers write a single line of code.

We’ll leave you with the strategy, copy – and confidence – you need, to make sure you’re effectively communicating your differentiated value and unique point of view to the people who care.

  • Homepage
  • Product page (up to 3)
  • Solutions page (up to 3)
  • Pricing page
  • Landing page template
  • About page
  • Final testing & validation (on wireframes or mockups)
  • Launch 🚀

And if you need more help we can work on:

Strategy and copy for:

  • Sales pitch deck(s)
  • Onboarding emails
  • Engagement emails

Iteration & optimization:

  • Testing differrent Jobs To Be Done
  • Testing different copy angles
  • Testing various phrasing and language
  • Testing more creatives and visuals

How it works


Fill out a quick form

Fill me in on the details so we can see if we’re a fit. No need to open up your calendar to try and cram 15 minutes in your already busy day. No “let’s hop on a quick call” (we all know it’s never gonna be JUST 15 minutes). 


Let's dig deeper

If we decide to move forward, we’ll get on a FREE 45 minute strategy session. By the end of it you’ll have a roadmap for  how to tackle your conversion problem. It will help me propose exactly what you need. 


Customized proposal

With the information, I’ll prepare a proposal to show you how we can help you reach your goals. You’ll be able to approve it/ask for any questions, and pay the 50% upfront to get us started.


It's go time!

I’ll add you to your own personalized client portal, where you’ll be able to keep track of the project status, deadlines and milestones. And access any deliverable documents. From one place. 

New potential customers are landing on your site every second.

Will you be ready to convert them?

Share a bit about what you have in mind. If we’re a fit we’ll jump on a deep dive call asap.