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How the sausage is made

Why your site is not performing

If you’re here, chances are your website is not doing its job. 

It should be your sales machine 24/7. Taking in visitors and churning out happy paying customers. 

Not the case? 

Maybe it’s not going too bad. Still, every single day you’re wondering if the strategy, messaging and offer you’re using are the right ones.


You can’t read people’s minds. Or can you?

What if I told you it’s possible to figure out exactly what your visitors are thinking, the moment they land on your site?

The big disconnect

Every visitor landing on your site comes with a set of motivations, values and anxieties. When your copy and design don’t do a good job at matching or countering those, you don’t convert. 

Your site is not converting because you might have the wrong idea (or no idea at all) about what your visitors are thinking the moment they meet your brand online.

There’s a disconnect between what you think your prospects want and need, and what they are actually looking for.

I help you put those pieces together

Here’s what we work on in every custom project (every business and project is unique, so we evaluate what to use and when).

Research & Discovery

This is where we learn how to bridge the gap between what users know, expect and want (their mental model) and how you are presenting information to them (conceptual model). The closer the match, the higher the conversions!

  • Google Analytics deep dive: to get the full picture and data we need to narrow down on the problem.
  • Usability testing: to understand what’s broken and why. Quickly and cheaply.
  • User interaction analysis (i.e. Hotjar): to confirm or disprove assumptions.
  • Buyer, non-buyer and lead surveys: to understand what users want, value and fear.
  • Customer interviews: to get deep and insight rich information about your best customers.
  • Card sorting: to learn how to optimize your navigation without guessing.
  • Review mining: to gather the main themes from what customers think about you.
  • Competitor research: to understand where your brand fits among competitors, and how to stand out.

Writing, Wireframing & Editing

Here we take everything we’ve learned from research, and put it down on the page. I start with writing copy for all the sections of the specific page (dictated by the data), then translate it into low fidelity wireframes. These are exactly what your designer/developer needs to implement  on your site. Finally I punch it up with edits. 

  • Coming up with the “big idea” that will be the focus of our messaging.
  • Writing copy that reflects our audience(s) stage of awareness and moves them to the next, so they convert
  • Editing for clarity, voice and tone, specificity and credibility. 
  • Structuring the page in a way that makes the copy flow well and sell. Again, based on data, not guesses.
  • Keeping into account UX/UI best practices so users (and your developer) are happy.
  • Designing clickable interactions where necessary to explain a concept/idea.
  • Adding notes, comments and insights to the wireframes so you’re armed with all you need to understand my thought process.
  • All of it on both Mobile + Desktop.

Testing and validation

This is where we learn how to bridge the gap between what users know, expect and want (their mental model) and how you are presenting information to them (conceptual model). The closer the match, the higher the conversions!

  • User testing: to test for usability.
  • User testing: to test for clarity and persuasiveness.
  • User recording: to validate the user test findings with more data. 
  • Heatmaps, scroll maps, attention maps: to validate the user flow and spot any friction points. 
  • Website polls: to fill in any gaps with missing information. 
  • Google Analytics: to track improvements and ROI.
  • A/B testing: to iterate and optimize. 

This is the process I follow in every custom project to plan and create:


  • Website copy (homepage, features & how it works pages, integrations, about pages etc)
  • Free trial, onboarding and upgrade email sequences
  • Landing pages and funnels



  • Website copy (homepage, category & product pages, about pages)
  • Navigation and product search/filtering
  • Paid traffic funnels & landing pages

Custom projects start at $4,000

How it works


15 min "can we work together?" chat

We’ll jump on a quick chat to discuss your conversion problems/goals and see if we’re a fit. 


Let's dig deeper

If we decide to move forward, I’ll ask you a couple more questions either via email or on a 30-40 minute call. This is so I can get the details about your business and website necessary to propose exactly what you want/need.


Customized proposal for your project

With the information, I’ll prepare a proposal to show you how we can help you reach your goals. You’ll be able to approve it/ask for any questions, and pay the 50% upfront to get us started.


It's go time!

I’ll add you to my project management platform where you’ll be able to keep track of the project status. And access any deliverable documents. From one place. When we’re ready we’ll get the ball rolling.

New potential customers are landing on your site every second.

Will you be ready to convert them?

Share a bit about what you have in mind. If we’re a fit we’ll jump on a deep dive call asap.